From Hidden Talent to Worldwide Sensation:

Are you Ready to become an Iconic Brand?

Then Get Ready For This Done-For-You Event In Las Vegas

October 18, 2024

To Increase Your Visibility, Amplify Your Message And Transform Into An Iconic Woman

Let’s get honest here

 You’re an expert at what you do, yet you don’t know how to turn your knowledge into more visibility online

 You have a lot of experience in your field, but you are tired of having to work so much to get your next client and wish there was a way to get in front of more people

 You feel confident in your message, but feel all over the place and inconsistent with how you are sharing it

 â€‹You are tired of feeling like this best-kept secret that is impacting your clients’ lives - and want to become the go-to expert in your field and to be seen as an authority

 â€‹You are craving to be part of a community of women that lift each other up and create a movement for positive change

You are ready for a bigger stage. You know you’re great at what you do, and you want to thrive serving others by getting in front of more people. But everyone is pulling you in a million different directions

People are talking about podcasting. Tiktok. YouTube. Instagram…
All while you’re managing client work, and trying to build relationships to get referrals, and doing the admin and backend of your business.

Honestly, it’s a lot. You feel all over the place and like you lack the consistency and clarity you would like to have in your message - and meanwhile, your visibility is not where you want it to be. Your views are non-existent or really low.

You lack engagement and it takes a lot of work, time, effort, and money to land your next client.

You see, most service-based entrepreneurs think that they need to create complicated funnels or strategies to attract high-paying clients.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t.

What if we told you that landing your next client could be simpler if you were able to increase your viisbiity and get in front of more of the right people?

You want to create an authority brand that makes you be seen as the authority you already are.

You need to transform into an ICONIC BRAND.


This one-of-a-kind to skyrocket your influence and amplify your reach.

This exclusive event in Vegas has been created to help you leverage your personal brand and increase your visibility, impact & wealth.

Needless to say, we have been blown away! Angela Giles came into our lives and helped us bust that door wide open. And we couldn't be more grateful for the success we've experienced. In just under 5 months, we saw our monthly revenue triple right before our eyes. Angela's professionalism and mentoring must be praised

 - Deanna Spoerl

I have quadrupled my income in 90 Days

- Dileesa Archer

I came out of this session with a clear plan, the most incredible idea I could ever imagine that is propelling my business forward like never before, and on top of it I was given the most amazing motivation and support.

- Jane Courtney

Here’s how we do it:

The ICON Framework


Influence as you clarify your message and powerfully define your personal brand


Create a strategic content & marketing plan to grow your visibility


Optimize your online presence and create systems that will help you grow your business


Build your network, audience and community as you transform into an iconic brand

Inside the Iconic Woman You Receive:

A luxury lifestyle photoshoot by a professional photographer to use on Social Media or your website.

Choose up to 3 outfits and up to 100 photos will be yours

​Professional hair and makeup day of photo/video shoot and guidance on what to wear.

Stand out from the competition with ten 30-sec lifestyle videos that showcase your unique style, passions, and personality. Our expertly-crafted videos will captivate your audience and create a lasting impression that elevates your brand.

​Elevate your brand with stunning done-for-you social media to showcase your Iconic Brand. Custom-designed for top social media networks. This includes 30 graphics

All this for only $1997 $997 paid in full.

paid in full

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$548 per month for 2 months

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$383 per month for 3 months

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Plus, you can add on these once in lifetime experiences:

Join us for an exclusive evening with Angela Giles and Galit Ventura-Rozen! This high-end dinner offers a unique opportunity for like-minded women to come together.

Surround yourself with other iconic women as we gather to discuss inspiring stories, valuable lessons, and ask us anything. Add on cost $997.

Increase your exposure and captivate your audience with a professionally-filmed and edited 10-minutes video that showcases your unique story, expertise, and personality. Add on cost $2497

​A Full page spotlight feature in a prestigious magazine to be able to promote yourself as an authority and your business. Add on cost $997

Hear More From the People Currently Experiencing Their Own Incredible Income Growth!

"Angela and Galit freakin ROCK at many things and one of them is teaching you how to Grow a Facebook Group…

I followed their steps and started a NEW Facebook Group for my Online Business and within a few short weeks I had a few hundred members. I kept following what Angela and Galit said to do and within 2 months’ time I have over 3K members and YES, I am making sales almost every day, now! Thank you so much Angela and Galit.. You ladies truly do ROCK."
Patti Allred

Side Hustle Guru


"I've added 700 members to my Facebook Group using the strategies that Angela Giles teaches. And that too in 30 days.

Apart from this I've added 30 members to my monthly subscription program.

The most important thing here is that my group has been forever stuck at 1700-1800 members. Once I started working with Angela and actually implemented her stuff, not only did my group membership explode, but the engagement in my group also skyrocketed."

Nilofer Safdar

Money Business Coach

Angela's superpower is quickly generating significant sales! Through her training and strategies we generated over $180k in 90 days! Using her new strategies we have generated new ways of generating quick income. Additionally, she has helped us uplevel the long time strategies we've been using that I "thought" were as good as they would ever be. In 90 short days, Angela is the best investment we have made in our business. I'm excited where she will take us next!


Galit is an inspiration in every meaning of the word. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak via zoom and in person on several occasions and I always leave feeling inspired, motivated and heard.

She has a glow and a radiant smile every time I see her and has the ability to say things that need to be said yet she's sweet and always so genuine in her approach. I'm thankful for women like Galit every day!

- Yolla A

I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Galit Ventura-Rozen the other day and I can describe it as being: Insightful! Eye opening! Inspiring! Motivational! Life changing!

- Lorraine A

I came out of this session with a clear plan, the most incredible idea I could ever imagine that is propelling my business forward like never before, and on top of it I was given the most amazing motivation and support.

- Jane Courtney

It’s time to stop imagining...

This is for you if:

  • You are good at what you do and already have created results for your clients in the past
  • You’re an action taker and are willing to put in the time and effort to get things done
  • You’re already making an income in your business, but you want to make a larger impact and generate more income

This is not for you if: 

  • You have absolutely no idea what you’re selling or have never had ANY clients at all
  • You are looking for a magic wand that will magically solve all your problems
  • You are desperate or needy for clients and yet have no interest in doing any work to get them to come in

Imagine transforming your visibility and being seen as THE go-to expert in your field with a brand that feels luxurious and iconic.

Imagine being able to magnetize your ideal clients your way
Imagine knowing exactly what to say and do online each day to grow your visibility and become seen by more of the right people.

Imagine closing more premium clients with ease
You won’t have to imagine it for much longer.

That’s the reality you will experience after the ICONIC WOMAN VISIBILITY EXPERIENCE.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Iconic Woman Visibility. We invite you to schedule an exclusive call with our team to uncover the unique possibilities and tailor-made pathways awaiting you in our program. Discover how we can amplify your potential and ignite your journey. Let's explore your options together.

paid in full

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$548 per month for 2 months

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$383 per month for 3 months

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Angela Giles

Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Philanthropist, and Co-Founder of Everyday Woman.

Angela is a Marketing Pioneer.

She is the worldwide, published author of From Mind to Mouth: the Art of Communicating With and Understanding Any Audience, with a whopping 7.1 million combined monthly views on her Pinterest and blog. Her long track record garnered a vast social media following on all platforms. She has helped over 2,000 business owners generate over $60+ million sales in the past 21 years.

All of these fantastic achievements are done while being a simple mom of 3 boys.

Galit-Ventura Rozen

Commercial Real Estate Broker, Professional Public Speaker, High-Performance Expert, and Co-Founder of Everyday Woman
Galit Ventura-Rozen, M.A. is a Sales Success Business Expert, Author of The Successful Woman’s Mindset, and 25+ year commercial real estate broker/owner with $1 billion in sales.

She is an award-winning international speaker on the topics of leadership, business and the successful mindset. She currently owns 4 businesses. Galit is most recently the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Silver State Awards and was featured recently on the cover of the Top 100 real estate agents international magazine!!

Five years ago Galit started her Empowering U Business that shows women how to get to 7 figures in their business. Her visibility has skyrocketed in a short period of time using her methods to build relationships on social media platforms. She has a large following and has much experience in FB Group engagement, growth, and content.